R-Fish: Chicago, Tokyo and back:
May 1991 - September 1991

Many thanks to Mary and Charlie Lofgren
who befriended R-Fish, rescued him from
danger and sent him safely home.

This slide show presentation can be seen
by pressing a mouse button or the arrow keys.


chicago 1

R-Fish visits Mary & Charlie
in Chicago and has a beer.

chicago 2 chicago 3

Upon departing 105 Bellevue, R-Fish gets lost in Chicago's maze of Alleys.

Several days later, homeless and hungry, R-Fish gives in to the life of a street urchin.

He falls asleep ..............

The Dumpster

Fortunately for R-Fish, in an effort to determine what it is that Americans eat that gives them such an edge in computer technology, Japanese spies stole R-Fish from the dumpster.

chicago 5

R-Fish wakes up in Tokyo amidst a large shipment of stolen refuse.

chicago 4

Fearing for his life, at the first available opportunity, R-Fish jumped ship into a flower bed.

Lost and Alone

chicago 6a

Lost and alone, unable to communicate, R-Fish checks into a homeless hotel

chicago 6d chicago 6c

He then proceeds to drown his sorrows in booze.

Tokyo: The Park

Feeling a little buzz from his recent imbibition, R-Fish heads out to visit Tokyo.

chicago 7

At the local park he played on the slide.


chicago 8b

Sat in the shade.

chicago 8a

and visited with the local people (who he found a bit dull).


As the buzz wore off, R-Fish was hit with a brilliant idea..."I'll go back home to my loved ones Roald & Shirrell.

chicago 9

He began by catching a ride on a bicylce which unfortunately took him to Toba City.

Toba city and Osaka


In Toba city, R-Fish hitchhiked with a trucker who took him to Osaka. (Still not the U.S)


In Osaka he decided to catch the bus. But the bus took him to Nagoya.

Mail Box

Mail box

Tired of travelling by now, R-Fish decided to mail himself home.

(Unfortunately, all unlabelled and unstamped mail goes back to Tokyo).

Phone Home

Phone home

R-Fish tried desperately to phone his beloved Roald & Shirrell, but their lines were busy.

Suicide attempt

Dejected, R-Fish decided to drown himself (??) and jumped into a Tokyo fountain.

Watery trip

Little did R-Fish know that this fountain was fed by a river.

R-Fish floated down the river, out to the Pacific ocean, around India & South Africa to the Atlantic, into the Lawrence waterway and the Erie canal through the great lakes to Green Bay, into the Wisconsin River system and ultimately into a deep, cold, green lake.

(His trip took two weeks.)


Up ahead R-Fish saw a big, juicy worm which he swam to and began to eat. OUCH!

juicy worm

R-Fish struggled valiently but was fished out of the water by that awful Charlie-guy.




Still, R-Fish was alive and back in the states, He lay down to dry off on the deck. He sleeps.

More Danger


The next thing R-Fish knew, we was carried up to the big house by that crazy mutt Jody.


Jody delivered him to (oh no!!) a CAT! Fortunately Daltry was a little spaced out from the drugs he took at a recent Who concert, so left R-Fish alone.



None to soon, the wonderful shepherd, Gabby, rescued R-Fish and brought him back to the deck.


R-Fish climbed on to the boat to finish drying out. As he lay there he devised a plan

The Plan

R-Fish negotiated with Mary & Charlie to let him stay for a few days, then send him home.

sun rays walks

During his visit he had a chance to catch some rays in the pool

and to go on walks with Mary and Jody.

Mary and Charlie sent R-Fish to Roald and Shirrell a few days later.

Hopefully, R-Fish doesn't get lost in transit.....