4 years of the Annex Limericks

Being a True and Faithful Rendition (with slight emendation)
of the 2003-2008 Annex Fryday Night Dinner Limerick Exchanges.

The players, with occasional augmentation, are
Joe Wisnovsky, E. Wendel (Wendy) Lehmann, Shirrell Buhler and Roald Buhler.

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The best from 2005

Subject: There go da judge

Heres the saga of nominee Miers
who held high jurisprudence desires,
but then George used his lariat
to corral poor old Harriet
and before she begins, she retires.

Subject: what's the copay for booze ?

Are there folks who would dare to compare
all these plans for the new Medicare ?
As for me, I will choose
any plan where the booze
has a copay that ain't too unfair.

Subject: RE: Roscommotion

At the annex you'll hear, between courses,
how the new dog is greeting old horses.
New dog Roscoe's main creed
is to bark at each steed
which he does without any remorses.

Subject: Some carts make you blanch

Endless dog days have made us delirious,
so when temperance folks try to query us
we respond with the hope
that the Annex can cope:
On the wagon ? You CANNOT be Sirius !

The best from 2006

Subject: lets eat shoots and leaves

[the plan is Sunny Gardens (chinese)]

Let us hope that all plans are congruent
and that folks won't be tardy or truant
'cause its slow without spoons;
using chopstick harpoons
makes each pea a fresh object pursuant.

Subject: todays news extends one's Scopes

[nytimes artcle: DNA says h-sap and chimps]
[stopped interbreeding 4 million years ago]

As I asked my great uncle, the chimp:
Do you know why I walk with a limp ?
Where's my coccyx, I wail.
I'm too short in the tail,
evolution's the cause of the crimp !

Subject: debouchery is at hand

[surgery was followed by 28 days of coumadin,]
[which severly limits alcohol.]

I am tired of one drink per day, forsooth,
but on Friday constraints go away, in truth,
so I'll cast off my shackles
and start some debacles
with scotch whiskey and wine and Mount Gay..

Subject: Vote gloat

[Control of the senate hung]
[on virginia and montana ]

The republican hopes suffered chillings
up in Helena, Boseman and Billings,
so on friday lets caucus
in a manner most raucous
for some celebratorious swillings !

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