Owen loves both sports and school

Owen Buhler Owen Buhler
April 2006: Owen is player of the week For the Easter parade the youngest ones
made their own hats with help from
their year 6 mentors. What a blast!
Owen Buhler Owen Buhler
Little Athletics at last and a uniform
that is just like big brother Wade's.
Owen likes to play tennis on a nearby tennis court.
Here he is working on his net game.
Owen Buhler Owen Buhler
Owen's first medal was in pre-school 2006: This is the first day of "real" school.
The boys are Owen, Wade and neighbor Lorence.
Owen Buhler Owen Buhler
The new back pack is pretty cool --
if only it were a spiderman pack.
Wade is now in 3rd grade. Owen in kindergarten.
Owen Buhler Owen Buhler
Finally in class after waiting
and waiting and waiting.
Lorence, Owen and Martin
fans of the Parramatta eels.
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