Christmas 1982: R-Fish is born

seb Rfish1
Who would believe that a pile of fabric scraps and some laddered nylon hose had such a future. Here I am with Seb, my creator, and then meeting Roald for the first time.
Rfish4 My buddies. Douglas Bearbanks could be unbearable: tormenting Pooh because he had no pants. Tiger fish, my other brother, is camera shy.
Roald I still do not know what woke me up to this wonderful world. Perhaps it was the first few years of torment. From the freezer to the frying pan whenever there was a problem I was always the prawn.

See survival for vivid details.

And yet I think they loved me. Later when I was abducted they were willing to pay a lakh of rubies to get me back.

Since then I have seen much of the world. I was kidnapped and later went walkabout. From coast to coast; from north to south I have traveled this country. I have been to Paris and Africa; to Australia and Antartica. I made the Harvard Law Review and met Justice Ginsberg. I was there when the Nobel prices were awarded. I have been analyzed and awarded a prize from Xerox. It has been a rough and tumble sort of existence and now it is time to take stock.
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