It was just a thoughtless prank and I must apologize for causing Shirrell and Roald such anxiety on my behalf.

HOME AT LAST!! And what an adventure it was. I had some of the best beer EVER!!! Elysian!!! For me it was worth the pain and sacrifice and yes even the fear when I found myself surrounded by such raucous companions!!

girl beer

Poor Roald was working up a sweat and sent out the following "RE" missive to the supposed abductors.

This being our initial communication on the subject, there is not yet any need to RE-do any earlier sponses. Therefore:

We ach out, hoping that ason can sult in a alistic ckoning of the situation. A ward is possible, but we will not veal how much you might ceive. We hope you ad this and feel gret and morse as you pent.

Finally, we hope you nounce this ckless gimen of volution. If our plea is jected, we will see d; we are solved to scue vered r-fish. Member, we are ady, with gret, to taliate, both in this gion or, indeed, anywhere in the entire alm.

Signed: the committee for the stitution of R-FISH

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